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Emma Alves is an independent artist from Vancouver, Canada. She has trouble narrowing down the genre most associated with her music but imagine a mix of Olivia O'brien and Sabrina Claudio with sultry, dream-like vocals. 


One key stand-out for the young songstress is her ability to write, record and produce her own tracks. Emma's most recent release, 9:00-5:00, was recorded in a tiny studio apartment in Tokyo, Japan. She is currently working on a new album; this will be her first completely independent multi-track project. 

Being in creative control is important for an artist with such passion. Following the release of her first studio album back in 2014, Emma's music was largely influenced by collaborators/partners. her own vision was put on hold. In early 2018 she began releasing tracks more in-tune with her own ideas. Now, Emma is determined to experiment with her production and writing style. That is the goal for her next album release. 

She is currently sharing her creative process on social media and is in the recording phase of the album. Interested in hearing more?

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