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Emma Alves is a multi-genre artist from Vancouver, Canada. Her honey-dipped RnB vocals captivate her listeners' attention. Her genre-bending songs, such as Archenemy (Acoustic) and Winter, lean toward the darker side of her writing, giving a preview of what's to come.

As a songwriter, Emma began writing whimsical songs about fairies and wrote her debut album, 'Every Dreamer,' at just 15 years old. Now, she oversees all aspects of the creative process in the studio, finding magic in unique instrumentation styles using the Omnichord, QChord, and Keytar in many of her performances. By pairing RnB with an array of styles like Rock, Alternative, and Electronic music, she introduces an unfamiliar genre. Influenced by artists such as Tame Impala, PinkPantheress, and Sabrina Claudio, she infuses soul into her creations, evident in her vocal lines and production techniques.

Emma Alves is an ethereal creative who experiments with many aesthetics. Her style keeps listeners fascinated by the trajectory of what's next, always featuring sweet and distinct vocals to accompany the experience.

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