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Emma Alves, QChord

Emma Alves is an independent, multi-genre artist from Vancouver, Canada. The ethereal songstress delivers honey-dipped, RnB vocals that coax her listener's full attention. Their genre-bending songs Archenemy (Acoustic) and Winter lean into the darker side of her writing, previewing a taste of what's to come.​


Growing up a songwriter, Emma has always had an impressive hand in making their music. They would write whimsical songs about fairies. At just 15 years old, she wrote her debut album, 'Every Dreamer.' Now, Alves thrives on finding the magic within the studio, overseeing all aspects of the creative process.


She experiments with unique instrumentation styles by using the Omnichord, QChord and Keytar in many of her performances. In doing so, she introduces an unfamiliar genre by pairing RnB with an array of styles like Rock, Alternative and Electronic music. She is moved by artists such as Tame Impala, PinkPantheress, and Sabrina Claudio, The soul she brings forth into her creations is evident with the intention of her vocal lines and production techniques. 


Emma Alves is an ethereal creative who experiments with many aesthetics. Their style keeps listeners fascinated by the trajectory of what's next. Whatever it may be, she ensures to feature sweet and distinct vocals to accompany the experience.

Emma Alves, QChord, Roland Cube
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