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Emma Alves returns with her second studio album: “Up Late Writing This.” The anticipated release is a follow-up of her self-produced singles: “Archenemy,” “9:00-5:00,” and “Lilac.” The album experiments with Emma’s ever-changing sound. 


“Up Late Writing This” is sultry, forward, and intimate. The project explores Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, and Hip/Hop elements. From the softness of “Favourite Kind” to the contrasting atmospheric song “Voicemail,” Alves refuses to be categorized. 


A key stand out for the young songstress is their ability to write, produce, and mix their music. The two newest singles from the album, “Archenemy” and “9:00-5:00,” were created during the early stages of the pandemic in a tiny apartment in Shibuya, Tokyo. The rest of the album was recorded in Emma’s home studio in (Vancouver/Cloverdale/Surrey.) Being in creative control is of value to her. With the release of “Up Late Writing This,” she is determined to experiment with different writing and production styles, and doing so without the backbone of a label or manager. 


Emma Alves has positioned herself to be among many of the great female songwriters within the industry. The passion, dedication, and soul she brings forth into her creations are sure to resonate with young, female artists looking to pave their own path with similar strides. Emma is an artist who aims to inspire and be inspired.

"Up Late Writing This" will be available on all streaming services on July 30th.

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