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Emma's newest self-produced track Archenemy was created in Tokyo, Japan. The R&B tune emulates the beautiful setting of its creation through the lyrics: "sweeter than sakura trees in the spring."


While it was written during a happy period in her life, Emma was mentally processing a toxic relationship from years prior. Through lyrics like "I was naive; he liked that" and "you take advantage," she confronts the subject of her song. Emma implies that many toxic relationships have their extreme highs and lows. In addition to this juxtaposition, she encompasses the melancholy of a beautiful environment with a tortured mind. 


Emma has trouble narrowing down the genre most associated with her music; imagine a mix of Sabrina Claudio and Tash with sultry, dream-like vocals. A key stand-out for the Canadian songstress is her ability to write, record, and produce her music. Her two recent releases, 9:00-5:00 and Archenemy, were created during the early stages of the pandemic in a tiny apartment in Shibuya, Tokyo. She is currently working on her first independent multi-track project.


Being in creative control is important for an artist with such passion. Following the release of her debut album back in 2014, Emma's music was largely influenced by collaborators and partners. In early 2018 she began releasing music more in-tune with her ideas. Now, Emma is determined to experiment with different writing and production styles, which is the goal for the album. She is planning on documenting the experience of navigating a largely male-dominated industry and doing so without the backbone of a label.


"Emma Alves’ vocals are alluring and draw you in and demand to be heard despite their comfortable softness." - BuzzMusic LA


"Her music is humbling, if not evocative: a bouquet of roses and all its thorns" - The Permanent Rain Press


"I want Archenemy to help start conversations about emotional abuse and coercion within relationships. I hope other women can find comfort in knowing they aren't alone in their experiences." - Emma Alves

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