Emma Alves Displays Raw Honestly In Powerful Track “Lilac”

"Emma Alves’ dark synth-pop “Lilac” features sultry bass and soft angelic vocals. “Lilac” tells a haunting melancholic story that gives us a retrospective look inside of Emma Alves’ emotive poetry. Simplistic yet stunningly diverse, “Lilac” can be interpreted in different ways. Emma Alves’ undeniably talented songwriting ability allows her to establish strong connections with her fans. To me, “Lilac” tells a story of adolescent struggle and uncomfortability. It’s empowering and self-aware all rolled into one track of musical brilliance. Emma Alves’ vocals are alluring and draw you in and demand to be heard despite their comfortable softness. We love what we’ve heard from Emma Alves so far! Stay on the lookout for this emotive songstress."

- BuzzMusic LA