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about mind edibles

Kayla and Emma created Mind Edibles to have open-minded conversations about thought provoking concepts.

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During a recent camping trip, a tipsy Kayla brought up the idea of creating a podcast. As frequent podcast listeners, it sounded most appropriate to create one of their own! Emma, being a Virgo, started brainstorming topic ideas the very same day. 

Today, they have set a goal to shed light on taboo, controversial, and misrepresented issues within society while having a little fun during the process. Regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, or class, everyone is welcome and valid.

meet the hosts:

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Kayla Callaghan is a 22-year-old student residing on the beautiful west coast of B.C. As a student aspiring to work within community development and youth work, she spends most of her time focused on her studies  and the remainder enjoying her favourite parts of life: sunshine, puppies, and wine of course! With an open heart and an open mind, she is more than excited to grow, learn, and express herself through thoughtful conversation alongside good company.

think, %22food for thought,%22 Gen Z sty

Emma Alves is an independent artist who writes, records and produces her own music. Think of Sabrina Claudio and Olivia O'Brien with sultry, dream-pop vocals. She is a strong supporter of women, LGBTQ+ members, and Black and Brown singers and producers in an otherwise male-dominated industry. Emma aims to incorporate meaningful topics into her art, and is always finding new ways to express her feelings and beliefs while navigating in today's society.

think, %22food for thought,%22 Gen Z sty


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